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First Battle of Nogales
Part of the Mexican Revolution
DateMarch 23, 1913
LocationNogales, Sonora, Mexico
Result Constitutionalista victory
Constitutionalistas Hueristas
Commanders and leaders
Alvaro Obregon Emilio Kosterlitzky
~2,000 ~400
Casualties and losses
6 killed
9 wounded
4 killed
5 wounded

The First Battle of Nogales, was a military confrontation between federal Mexican forces and rebel Constitutionalists during the Mexican Revolution.

The battle was fought at the border city of Nogales, Sonora on March 23, 1913. Rebel forces under General Alvaro Obregon attacked the federal garrison of about 400 infantry. Obregon's army included infantry, cavalry and at least one artillery piece. Fighting lasted for a few hours before the federal commander General Emilio Kosterlitzky was captured. The remaining federal troops retreated across the border and surrendered to the United States Army garrison of Nogales, Arizona. Captain Cornelius C. Smith relieved the federals of their weapons and they eventually found their way back to Mexico. Six rebels were killed in action and nine were wounded. The federals lost four men killed and five wounded, and Nogales, Sonora fell to the Constitutionalists.

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