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Battle of Neu Titschein (Nový Jičín)
Part of the Thirty Years War
DateJuly 25, 1621
LocationNový Jičín / Neu Titschein (present-day Czech Republic)
Result Protestant victory
Bohemia Bohemia
Silesian Protestants
Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Johann Georg Jägerndorf of Hohenzollern Jean de Gauchier
Less than 10,000 2,000
Casualties and losses
unknown More than 500 dead

The Battle of Neu Titschein or Titschein (Moravia, now Nový Jičín, Czech Republic) was fought on 25 July 1621 during the Thirty Years' War between the Roman Catholic forces of Jean de Gauchier and the Protestant army of Johann Georg Jägerndorf of Hohenzollern.

After the defeat of the Bohemian Protestant army in the battle of White mountain, part of its forces remained in Silesia. Protestant nobleman Johann Georg Jägerndorf of Hohenzollern, a Protestant leader in Silesia, decided to restore Protestant power in the Bohemian kingdom. In the northeastern part of nearby Moravia, Protestant Wallachians fought against Roman Catholics, and further east in Slovakia (Upper Hungary) Protestants attempted to ally with forces of Hungarian prince Gabor Bethlen.

At Neutitschein, a strong Catholic force was assembled and engaged the Protestant forces which had occupied towns and castles in Silesia and northern Moravia. During the battle, a huge fire started and all suburbs of Neutitschein burned down. This fire prevented the Catholic forces to successfully defend the town and only a small part of them, led by Jean de Gauchier, escaped to Olomouc (Olmütz), leaving northern Moravia under Protestant control. Yet, since the Protestant forces were unable to conquer Olomouc and occupy all of Moravia, Johann Georg Jägerndorf of Hohenzollern decided to move to Slovakia to join forces with Gabor Bethlen.


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