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Coordinates: 48°45′15″N 10°20′4″E / 48.75417°N 10.33444°E / 48.75417; 10.33444

Battle of Neresheim
Part of the French Revolutionary War
Date11 August 1796
LocationNeresheim, Duchy of Württemberg
Result French victory; the Austrians retreat further into Bavaria
France French Republic  Holy Roman Empire Habsburg Austria
Commanders and leaders
Jean Victor Marie Moreau Holy Roman EmpireArchduke Charles
50,000 20,000
Casualties and losses
2,400 1,600

The Battle of Neresheim was fought on 11 August 1796 and resulted the victory of French under General Moreau against Austrians under Archduke Charles.

The Austrians had originally planned to draw Moreau's eastwards into a trap, where they would surrounded and overwhelmed . However, because of poor coordination and disagreement between the Austrian commanders, only a small force of Austrians were in position to engage the French when they arrived. The defeat forced the Austrians to withdraw further into Bavaria.


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