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Coordinates: 25°14′24″N 119°30′00″E / 25.240°N 119.500°E / 25.240; 119.500

Battle of Nanri Island
Part of the Chinese Civil War
DateApril 11–15, 1952
LocationNanri Island, off Putian, Fujian
Result ROC victory
Flag of the National Revolutionary Army Republic of China Army China People's Liberation Army
Commanders and leaders

Flag of the ROC Wang Kuan-Yao

Flag of the ROC Hu Lian
Flag of the PRC Ye Fei
6000+ men from 75th Division 1,300 men+
Casualties and losses
Less than 100 500+ killed
700+ captured
3 torpedo boats sunk

The Battle of Nanri Island (南日島戰役) was a conflict between the Republic of China Army and the People's Liberation Army, over People's Republic of China owned Nanri island near Mainland China. This conflict occurred from April 11, 1952 to April 15, 1952 and resulted in a ROCA victory with complete destruction of PLA forces. However ROCA later abandoned this island and retreated, with all its captured prizes and POWs, to Taiwan.

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