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Battle Of Muktsar
Part of Mughal-Sikh Wars
DateApril, 1705
LocationNear the pool of Khidrānā (later Muktsar)
Result Guru Gobind Singh Victory[1]
Flag of the Mughal Empire.pngMughals Punjab flag.svgKhalsa
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Mughal Empire.pngWazir Khan (Mughal Governor of Punjab) Punjab flag.svgGuru Gobind Singh
Punjab flag.svgMai Bhago
Punjab flag.svgMahan Singh
1,000 40
Casualties and losses
Unknown 40

The Battle of Khidrāne Dee Dhāb took place in 1705, following the siege of Anandpur. In 1704, Anandpur was under an extended siege by the allied forces of the Mughals and the hill chiefs.[2]

The forty deserters from Anandpur lived in the Majha region in Punjab. A woman, Bhag Kaur (also known as Mai Bhago) who also lived in the village, convinced the deserters to fight with her at Khidrāne Dee Dhāb, where they fought and died under the leadership of Guru Gobind Singh, who blessed them for their service and the place, later, was renamed as Muktsar, literally meaning The Pool of Liberation.[3][4]


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