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Battle of Mork
Part of the Syrian civil war
Date1 February 2014 – ongoing
(8 years, 3 months, 3 weeks and 6 days)
LocationMork, Syria


  • Rebels capture Mork
  • Rebels cut the supply line to the Al-Daif valley and Al-Hamdia camps, and Khan Shaykhun
  • Syrian Army capture Soran

Islamic Front[1]
Al-Nusra Front[1]

Syria Free Syrian Army[2]

Syria Syrian Arab Republic

Commanders and leaders
Unknown Unknown
Units involved
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Mork is a battle currently ongoing in the Hama Governorate during the Syrian Civil War, between the rebels and the Syrian Government. The clashes are concentrated around the town of Mork, with the Syrian Army trying to regain the town after it was lost to the rebels on 1 February 2014.

Capture of Mork

On 1 February, rebels reportedly took the Al-Harsh checkpoint north of Mork and the Al-Jeser checkpoint between Helfaya and Taiba Al-Imam. They also captured the Al-Aboud military checkpoint, thus fully taking control of Mork and cutting the supply line to the Al-Daif valley and Al-Hamdia camps, and Army checkpoints in Khan Shaykhun. By doing this, the rebels managed to link up with other rebel groups in the eastern and western countryside of Hama.[1][2]

Army counter-offensive

On 3 February, violent clashes took place between the rebels and an Army convoy heading to Mork near the bridge of Soran. According to the SOHR, at least 20 Army soldiers were killed in the fighting.[3]

On 5 February, violent clashes took place at the tank battalion north of Mork, Soran, and on the highway south of Soran. It was reported that Soran was captured by the Syrian Army.[4]

On 11 February, at least 10 pro-government fighters were reportedly killed after a suicide car struck the Al-Aboud checkpoint south of Mork.[5]

On 17 February, it was reported that the Army stormed Mork, but was pushed back by the rebels. The Army entered the perimeter of Mork again later on the day.[6]

On 28 February, According to local activists the Syrian Army managed to advance towards Mork, amid heavy fighting and mutual bombardments.[7]

On 4 March, violent clashes took place on the international highway south of Mork, while the west side of Mork was struck by air strikes.[8]

On 17 March, violent clashes took place around Mork.[9]

On 24 March, the SOHR claimed that the rebels had repeatedly fought off attempts by the Army to break through their lines at Mork.[10]

On 4 April, six rebels were reportedly killed by clashes around the town.[11]


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