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Battle of Montevideo
Part of the War of Independence of Brazil
Date21 October 1823
LocationRiver Plate, off of Montevideo, Uruguay
Result Brazilian victory
 Empire of Brazil Flag of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves.svg Kingdom of Portugal
Commanders and leaders
Pedro Antônio Nunes Álvaro da Costa de Sousa de Macedo

The naval Battle of Montevideo (Portuguese language: Batalha Naval de Montevidéu ) of 21 October 1823 formed a part of the Siege of Montevideo, as Brazilian forces sought to capture the last Portuguese redoubt in the Cisplatina during the War of Independence of Brazil. The fight was one of the only conventional naval battles between the two powers during the war. The Portuguese forces, a captured schooner and three armed transports, had endured the Brazilian blockade of the port but only sought to break it on 21 October. Despite heavy fighting neither side lost a ship, and the Portuguese withdrew to the port, with the conflict ending a month later with the surrender of Montevideo.[1]


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