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Battle of Maxen
Part of Seven Years' War
Bataille de Maxen.jpg
Battle of Maxen
DateNovember 21, 1759
LocationSaxony Maxen, Saxony, present-day Germany
Result Austrian victory
Annihilation of Prussian force
Holy Roman Empire Austria Kingdom of Prussia Prussia
Commanders and leaders
Leopold Josef Graf Daun Friedrich August von Finck
32,000 14,000
Casualties and losses
304 dead, 630 wounded 2000 dead and wounded, 11,741 captured

The Battle of Maxen (20 November 1759) was a battle at Maxen, Saxony in present-day Germany during the Seven Years' War. It resulted in surrender of Prussian corps.

The Prussian corps of 14,000 men, commanded by Friedrich August von Finck (one of Frederick the Great's generals), was sent to threaten lines of communication between the Austrian army at Dresden and Bohemia. Field Marshal Count Daun attacked and defeated isolated Finck's corps on 20 November 1759 with his army of 40,000 men. The next day (21 November) Finck decided to surrender.


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