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Battle of Maroua-Miskin
Part of Adamawa campaign
Date18–21 January 1902
LocationMaroua, Kamerun
Result German victory

German Empire German Empire

  • Flag of Deutsch-Kamerun.svg German Kamerun
Commanders and leaders
German Empire Lieutenant Hans Dominik Amir Djubayru b. Aadama
Casualties and losses

The Battle of Maroua–Miskin (18–21 January 1902) was the decisive military confrontation between the Fulani troops of Amir Djubayru b. Aadama and the German Schutztruppe, which solidified the German rule of northern Cameroon.

On the Fulani side, 500 to 800 men were killed. Djubayru fled into the Mandara Mountains at the border area to Nigeria. Head of operations on the German side was Lieutenant Hans Dominik, who after the battle occupied Maroua, the important center of the Fulani, and from there successively forced other regional leaders under German authority. With the military defeat and expulsion of Djubayru as a spiritual and political overlord of the Fulani in Adamawa, the German colonial administration broke the historic ties to the Fulani's center Yola and replaced them with the connection to the seat of the residency Garoua as a new political and economic center.


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