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Battle of Mahidpur
Part of the Third Anglo-Maratha War
Date21 December 1817
LocationMahidpur, Malwa, India
Result British victory
British East India Company flag.svg British East India Company Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg Maratha Empire
Commanders and leaders
Sir Thomas Hislop Maharaja Malhar Rao Holkar II
Hari Rao Holkar
Bhima Bai Holkar

The Battle of Mahidpur was fought during the Third Anglo-Maratha War between the Marathas and the British led by Sir Thomas Hislop at Mahidpur, a town in the Malwa region, on 21 December 1817

The British, led by Sir Thomas Hislop, attacked on 21 December 1817 and defeated the army led by 11-year-old Maharaja Malhar Rao Holkar II, 22-year-old Hari Rao Holkar and 20-year-old Bhima Bai Holkar in the Battle of Mahidpur. The Holkars were decisively defeated by British forces. The treaty was signed on 6 January 1818 at Mandsaur (Treaty of Mandsaur). Holkars accepted all the terms laid down by Britishers in Treaty of Mandsaur.At the conclusion of this Third Anglo-Maratha War, the Holkars lost much of their territory to the British and were incorporated into the British Raj as a princely state of the Central India Agency.

This battle led to the final destruction of Maratha power. Baji Rao II, who was trying to consolidate Marathas, finally surrendered in June 1818. British abolished the position of Peshwa, and Marathas were limited to the small kingdom of Satara until its annexation to Bombay state in 1848.

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