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Battle of Macta
Part of the French conquest of Algeria
Date28 June 1835
Locationnear the Macta River, French Algeria
Result Algerian victory[1]
France France Algerian resistance
Commanders and leaders
Camille Alphonse Trézel Abd al-Qadir al-Jaza'iri
5,000 infantry
one cavalry regiment
20,000 cavalry
Casualties and losses
500 killed unknown

The Battle of Macta was fought on 28 June 1835 between French forces under General Camille Alphonse Trézel and a coalition of Algerian Berber tribal warriors under Emir Abd al-Qadir during the French conquest of Algeria. The French column, which had fought an inconclusive but somewhat bloody battle with Abdul-Qadir a few days earlier, was retreating toward Arzew to resupply when Abdul-Qadir attacked in the marshes on the banks of the Macta River in what is now western Algeria. The French panicked and fled to Arzew in a disorganized rout.

The disaster led to the recall to France of Trézel and the comte d'Erlon, the first military governor-general of the French possessions in Africa, and helped Abdul-Qadir gain influence over tribes throughout Algeria.


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