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Old map of the battle

A memorial of the battle near Podzamcze

The Battle of Maciejowice was fought on October 10, 1794, between Poland and the Russian Empire. The Poles were led by Tadeusz Kościuszko. Kościuszko with 6,200 men planned to prevent the linking of two larger Russian armies, 12,000 under Iwan Fersen and 12,500 under Alexander Suvorov. As he requested the support of Adam Poniński (who had 4,000 soldiers) too late, Poniński failed to arrive on the battlefield in time. The Russians were victorious, and Kosciuszko was wounded and then captured.

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Coordinates: 51°42′22″N 21°36′17″E / 51.70624°N 21.60479°E / 51.70624; 21.60479

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