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Battle of Lugos
Part of Great Turkish War
DateSeptember 25, 1695
LocationLugos, Kingdom of Hungary (today: Lugoj, modern-day Romania)
Result Decisive Ottoman victory
 Holy Roman Empire Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Federico Veterani
Antonije Znorić

The Battle of Lugos was fought on September 25, 1695 near the city of Lugos in the East Banat, between the forces of the Ottoman Empire, and the forces of the Holy Roman Empire as part of the Great Turkish War.

By 1695 the Ottoman Empire had retaken the offensive. Sultan Mustafa II ordered the renewal of the attack in Transylvania and his army captured Lipova shortly after. Defending the Banat region and encamped close to Lipova was the Austrian Field Marshal, Count Federico Antonio Ambrogio Veterani, with an army of 7,000 men.[1] The Ottomans advanced from Lipova and clash with the Christian army, the battle caused heavy casualties on both sides, and the Austrians lost Marshal Veterani, who was taken prisoner by the Turks and beheaded.[2] Antonije Znorić, a commander of the units of Serbian Militia within Austrian army, was killed in this battle.[3]


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