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Battle of Leskovac
Part of the Ottoman wars in Europe
DateSeptember 24, 1454
LocationNear Leskovac
Result Decisive Serbian victory
Serbian Despotate Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Nikola Skobaljić unknown
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Battle of Leskovac took place on September 24, 1454. After the successful route of the Ottomans under Firuz Bey at the Battle of Kruševac at the hands of the Serbian despot and his allies, two Serbian armies were set up, one in Kosovo, and the other in Dubočica, which is now known as Leskovac. A large Ottoman force headed from Macedonia was met by Nikola Skobaljić and the Serbs scored a decisive victory over the Ottomans. Nikola Skobalić continued his forays against the Ottomans, operating in Southern Serbia and the Leskovac area, and won several major victories against the armies of the Sultan until Mehmed II himself and to confront the Serbs at the Battle of Trepalje, where Voivode Nikola and his men fought to the last man, inflicting massive casualties on the much larger Ottoman force.

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