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Battle of Lehola
Part of the Livonian Crusade
LocationLõhavere, Estonia
Result Crusaders victory
Zakon Kawalerów Mieczowych COA.svg Sword-Brothers,
Livs and Letts
Commanders and leaders
Philip of Ratzeburg, Volkwin, Sons of Tālivaldis of Tolowa Lembitu of Sackalia
More than 6000 Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Lehola was fought in 1215 between the Livonian Brothers of the Sword, a crusading military order, and the Estonians.

In the spring of 1215, a Crusader force with their allies raided the Sakala County. The plundering, however, was done in the northern section of the county. Afterwards, the crusader army besieged the stronghold of Lõhavere (Leole) that belonged to the elder Lembitu. The Estonian forces inside the stronghold confronted the enemy and "gave them a big scare". The besiegers nevertheless managed to light the stronghold on the third day. The Estonians weren't able to put the fire out and were forced to come out and surrender. During the christening, however, the German army invaded the stronghold and "robbed everything that could be robbed". Lembitu along with other elders were taken with the Germans, but were released soon after receiving the elders' sons as hostages.[1]


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