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Battle of Laswari
Part of the Second Anglo-Maratha War
DateNovember 1, 1803
LocationLaswari village, near Alwar, Rajasthan
Result British victory
British East India Company Maratha Confederacy
Commanders and leaders
General Lake Sindhia, Ragojee Bhonsla
10,000 9,000 Infantry
5,000 Cavalry
troops from Alwar

The Battle of Laswari took place on November 1, 1803 near Laswari village, Alwar.[1] It was part of the Second Anglo-Maratha War.

The British, commanded by General Lake were about 10,000 men strong, opposing the Sindhia's Maratha army of 9,000 veteran infantry and 5,000 cavalry. The British were also supported by allied troops from Alwar.

The Maratha infantry made a most gallant defence, standing their ground until the survivors laid down their arms. The cavalry also suffered heavily. Seventy-two guns and a large quantity of ammunition and stores were captured.

On 17 December 1803, Raghuji Bhonsale (II) of Nagpur signed the Treaty of Deogaon with the British after the Battle of Laswari and gave up the province of Cuttack including Balasore.


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