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The Battle of Lalsot was fought in May 1787 between the combined armies of Gulam Quadir, Jodhpur Marwar and Jaipur against Mahadji Shinde. Mahadji received a severe blow by his defeat.

Agra, Ajmer were seized, and Bundi revolted. Thus for a while the whole territory was recovered. Elated by success the united chiefs advanced to Chardu on the banks of the Rarkia a stream let dividing Mewar from Malwa preparatory to further operations. Had these been confined to the maintenance of the places they had taken and which had been withheld in violation of treaties complete success might have crowned their efforts but in including Nimbahera in their capture they drew upon them the energetic Ahilya Bai, the regent queen of the Holkar State.

In these circumstances Mhadji Shinde wrote to Poona Government and Devi Ahilyabai Holkar for military help. Ahilyabai offered to help, if Sindia would give her the share in the territories in Northern India as settled in Malhar Rao Holkar’s time. Ali Bahadur, Tukojirao Holkar marched with troops from Pune. The trops of Ahilyabai after initial loses inflicted a defeat near Ratlam. Kashirao Holkar was sent to join Sindhia, while Tukojirao went to Nathdwar, in Mewar, to settle matters. Ali Bahadur joined him at both procceded to Mathura, in November 1789 to join Sindhia. By means of these measures the Maratha power in Northern India was re-established.

Sindia offered to give the share in territories to Holkar with subject to some reservation which was objected by Tukojirao Holkar and declined the offer. This circumstance is of importance, for it accounts for the serious differences which continued in later years between Scindia and Holkar.[1]


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