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Battle of Lai
Part of the Kamerun Campaign in World War I
Date1 August 1914
LocationSouthern Chad
Result German victory

France France

  • France French Equatorial Africa

German Empire Germany

  • Flag of Deutsch-Kamerun.svg German Kamerun
Commanders and leaders
France Captain Jeanjean German Empire Captain Von Duhring
Casualties and losses
1 lieutenant and 13 soldiers Killed 11 Killed

The Battle of Lai began 21 August 1914 in Chad during the First World War in the village of Lai, then capital of the district of Logone in the south. A German column from German Kamerun, led by Captain Von Duhring attacked the village of Lai, defended by Captain Jeanjean. After a bitter fight, the French were driven from Lai and the village was occupied by the Germans. They remained there until the 1st of September 1914.


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