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Battle of La Bassée
Part of the Race to the Sea on the Western Front (World War I)
Date10 October – 2 November 1914
LocationLa Bassée
Result Inconclusive

 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

  •  British India
 German Empire
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Sir John French,
United Kingdom Horace Smith-Dorrien
United Kingdom James Willcocks
German Empire Crown Prince Rupprecht
2nd Cavalry Brigade
Lahore Division
The German Fourth and Sixth Armies

The Battle of La Bassée was a battle between British and German forces in northern France in October 1914, and was part of the Race to the Sea.

The German 6th Army took Lille before the British force could secure the town, while the 4th Army arrived and attacked the exposed British flank at Ypres. The British were driven back; the German Army occupied La Bassée and Neuve Chapelle. Around 15 October, the British took over the initiative and recaptured Givenchy. However, they failed to reach La Bassée. Meanwhile, the German troops got reinforcements, and retook the initiative. Thanks to the arrival of the Lahore Division of the Indian Corps, the British held off the further German attacks until early November, when both sides focused their interest on the battle of Ypres, so the battle around La Bassée died out and the line stabilised.

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