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The Battle of Kunduz occurred on 3 October 2016 in the Afghan city of Kunduz between Afghan National Security Forces and Taliban insurgents.


According to the Taliban, a four pronged attack was launched on Kunduz on the morning on of 3 October 2016. They later claimed to have seized several checkpoints and the city's roundabout. Afghanistan special forces were flown in from Kabul to assist in securing the city. By the evening the local police chief, Kassim Jangal Bagh, told the press that the city center was in government hands, a statement later backed by the NATO–led Resolute Support Mission.[5] He also said that a full counteroffensive had been launched to clear the area. It was reported that fighting persisted near the governor's compound, the local police headquarters, and the local National Directorate of Security headquarters. The Ministry of the Interior stated that at least one police officer was killed and four more were wounded.[5] A member of parliament who represented the area say that Taliban had overrun parts of the city and taken control of the city center.[6]

On 4 October, Afghan forces managed to regain control of the city center.


According to the Kunduz provincial health director, at least 151 were wounded and one was killed.


On 12 October, Afghan security forces cleared Kunduz of Taliban fighters after more than a week of fighting.[7] As of 2017, the Taliban still retain most land in Kunduz Province, but do not own Kunduz City.


Coordinates: 36°44′00″N 68°52′00″E / 36.7333°N 68.8667°E / 36.7333; 68.8667

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