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Battle of Kumlinge
Part of the Finnish War (Napoleonic Wars)
Fälberget Kumlinge, Åland.jpg
Memorial stone over the battle
Date9 or 10 May 1808
LocationKumlinge, Åland in Finland
Result Swedish victory
Sweden Russian Empire Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Henrik Gummerus Russian Empire Colonel Vuitsch
450 peasants 450 infantry
Casualties and losses
3 killed
3 wounded
1 killed
449 captured

The Battle of Kulminge was the culmination of the Åland riots during the Finnish War, fought between Sweden and Russia. The riot started in the Sockenstuga at 19 March 1808[1] and spread all over Åland, to finally culminate at Kumlinge at 9[2] or 10 May.[3] 450 armed peasants, led by Henrik Gummerus, defeated and captured the equally strong Russian force[4] under Colonel Vuitsch at their headquarters, just outside the Kulminge rectory.[3] The peasants sustained three killed and three captured, while the Russians had one killed and eight wounded.[5] After Vuitsch's capitulation, only about 50 Russian soldiers remained on Brändö who likewise, after a brief engagement, were made prisoners; all of Åland had thus been saved from Russian occupation.[6]


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