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Battle of Kretsch
Part of Hussite Wars
Hussite Wagenburg, an old sketch from the 15th century.
Date19 August 1435
LocationKretsch, Bohemia
Result Rosenberg's Catholic victory
Rosenberg-Wappen.png Rosenberg's army Tabori.jpg Taborites
Commanders and leaders
Rosenberg-Wappen.png Ulrich II von Rosenberg Unknown
Unknown 800-1000 infantry
100 cavalry
Casualties and losses
Unknown 800 killed

The Battle of Kretsch occurred on 19 August 1435 and was the last real battle of the Hussite Wars. A year earlier, the Battle of Lipany brought an end to most Hussite power in Bohemia, but some groups had still continued fighting. Ulrich II von Rosenberg defeated the Taborites near the village of Kretsch, which brought an end to their ability to carry out attacks. After this battle the radical Hussites at Tabor began to make an agreement with Emperor Sigismund.


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