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Battle of Kosmidion
Part of Ottoman Interregnum
DateJune 15, 1410
LocationKosmidion, just outside Constantinople
Result Victory for Süleyman Çelebi[2]
Forces of Süleyman Çelebi
Serbian Despotate[1]
Forces of Musa Çelebi
Commanders and leaders
Süleyman Çelebi
Vuk Lazarević
Musa Çelebi
unknown unknown

The Battle of Kosmidion, fought June 15, 1410, occurred during the Ottoman Interregnum and was fought between the forces of the brothers and princes Musa Çelebi and Süleyman Çelebi, just outside the land walls of Constantinople. During the battle, some of Musa's vassals, including Vuk Lazarević (the brothers' half-uncle), deserted him and joined Süleyman.[3] It ended in a victory for Süleyman Çelebi.[4]


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