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Battle of Kharda
DateFebruary 1795
LocationKharda, Maharashtra, India
Result Decisive Maratha victory, The Nizam ceded territory and paid an indemnity of Rupees 3 crores to Marathas [1]
 Maratha Empire Nizam of Hyderabad
Commanders and leaders
Peshwa Madhavrao II Nizam-ul-Mulk

The Battle of Kharda took place in 1795 between Nizam and Peshwa Madhavrao II, in which Nizam was badly defeated. Governor General John Shore followed the policy of non-intervention despite that Nizam was under his protection. So this led to the loss of trust with British. This was the last battle fought together by all Maratha warlords. Maratha forces consisted of cavalry, including gunners, bowmen, artillery and infantry as below:

Maratha Sardars from faraway places like Mudhol and Nagpur participated on behalf of Marathas. Sardar Maloji Ghorpade of Mudhol with his grandson Narayanrao Ghorpade fought Nizams army and demonstrated great valour and courage. Sardar Sultanraje Nimbalkar, Jahgirdar of Kharda who after Rakshasbhuvan battle had become part of Hindavi Swarajya had raised infantry of Dagars. Dagars are people who, it is believed, are tribals from Rajputana who migrated to Maharashtra along with their 96 clan warrior masters (now known as 96 clan Marathas) to avoid Islamic Turkic onslaught in 12th century. This infantry led by Sonusingh Bias, killedar of Dharur had shown extreme valor finishing off Nizam's Afghan infantry.

Naik Vithalrao Kakde (infantry), Naik Ramchandra Bhosale, Borkhedkar displayed courage in his cavalry chasing and eliminating fleeing forces of Mahurkars and Mhaisekars infantry fighting for Nizam. Yesaji Waibhat leading gun regiment along with Sayyed Havaldars of Jahgirdar of Limbaganesh's troops fought fiercely with Kamma Regiment of Nizam. Nizam after seeing waterloo of forces of his trusted Sardar Salabatkhan Ismail Khan Panni, his last hope at the hands of 19-year-old Yashwantrao Holkar, scion of Indore family, requested Sardar Daulatrao Scindia's Regent for treaty but was rejected by Nana Phadnis, Regent and Guardian of Prime Minister of Marathas Shrimant Sawai Madhavrao Peshwe. Then Nizam's one of Hindu Noble Raje Rai Rayaan, Chief of Takli used good offices of one Chintamanrao Kanitkar, Jagirdar Sarkar of Limbaganesh of Beed Tehsil belonging to Peshwe's community and having good liaison with Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar with representative of Holkars and helping Nizam to enter into treaty with Marathas. This treaty imposed heavy ransom + Chauth on Nizam. Vitthal Ballal Subhedar, General of Nagpurkar Bhosle Army secured Rs. 29 lakhs which were in arrears from Nizam. Nizam agreed to share revenue of Berar province in equality with Bhosles. Sawai Madhavrao being happy with performance of Bhosles of Nagpur granted Sanad of Hoshangabad, Bacai and other areas to Raghujiraje Bhosle. Later Nizam happy with intervention of Chintamanrao Sarkar awarded Patilki of Veeda village and Deshmukhi of Kalsambar to him. Nizam also ceded Sholapur, Daulatabad and Aurangabad to Marathas.


Coordinates: 25°25′55″N 73°27′30″E / 25.432036°N 73.458248°E / 25.432036; 73.458248

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