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Coordinates: 43°18′28″N 45°46′12″E / 43.30778°N 45.77°E / 43.30778; 45.77

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Battle of Khankala
Part of First Chechen War
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DateDecember 28, 1994
LocationKhankala, Chechnya
Result Russian victory
Flag of Russia.svg Russia Flag of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.svg Chechnya
Units involved
Great emblem of the Russian Airborne Troops.svg VDV Download - 2022-03-11T211753.244.png Chechen National Guard
Casualties and losses
Unknown 7 tanks destroyed
1 armoured vehicle destroyed

Battle of Khankala was a failed attempt by the Chechen to counterattack at the strategic position at Khankala from Grozny and Argun using armoured vehicles. Khankala is the former Soviet military base and airstrip at the eastern outskirts of Grozny, also overtaking the main Rostov-Baku highway and cutting direct access into the Chechen capital of Grozny from the town of Argun. It was captured by a column of Russian troops led by elements of the 104th Guards Airborne Division in a surprise south-east dash from the village of Tolstoy-Yurt. Reportedly, the Chechens lost six tanks and an armoured personnel carrier while failing to dislodge the Russian paratroopers.

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