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Battle of Karpenisi
Part of the Greek War of Independence
Ludovico lipparini
The death of Markos Botsaris by Ludovico Lipparini
DateAugust 8, 1823
LocationKarpenisi, central Greece
Result Ottoman Pyrrhic victory
Greece Greek revolutionaries Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1844) Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Markos Botsaris
450 Souliotes 13,000 troops
Casualties and losses
under 10 1,000

The Battle of Karpenisi took place near the town of Karpenisi (in Evrytania, central Greece) on the night of August 8, 1823 between revolting Greek irregulars and Ottoman troops. The Greeks were being led by the Souliote Markos Botsaris.


Botsaris with a force of 450 Souliotes assaulted the Turkish camp. The Turks were overconfident and had not taken proper defensive measures. The sleeping Turks suffered many casualties as the Souliotes sneaked into their camp. The Souliotes thought they had won a great victory when Botsaris was shot through the head as he was scouting Turkish positions. He died immediately. The Souliotes retreated when they saw their leader's body being carried away to safety. The Turkish army had lost 1,000 men while the Greeks had lost several men.

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