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Battle of Kamateros
Part of Greek War of Independence
Date5 February 1827
LocationKamatero, Greece
Result Ottoman victory
Greece Greek revolutionaries Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1844).svg Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Colonel Constantin Denis Bourbaki
Dimitrios Kallergis
Vasos Mavrovouniotis
Panagiotakis Notaras
Reşid Mehmed Pasha
2,800 soldiers
Casualties and losses
500 soldiers

The Battle of Kamatero was fought on the night of 5 February 1827 in Kamatero, Greece (near Menidi) between the Ottoman forces of Reşid Mehmed Pasha and Greek irregulars led by French Colonel Denis Bourbaki (his father was a Greek from Cephalonia).[1]


The battle helped to distract Reshid Pasha's forces from engaging the armies of British general Thomas Gordon while they were completing their defensive fortifications on the hill of Munychia. Colonel Bourbaki was a distinguished cavalry officer in the French military and was accompanied by 800 rebel soldiers. Moreover, he was supported by commanders Vassos Mavrovouniotis and Panayotaki Notaras who each led 1,000 Greek soldiers. During the course of the battle, Colonel Bourbaki led his forces to a plain and rushed into battle while simultaneously expecting his colleagues to support him. Unfortunately, they fled and abandoned Colonel Bourbaki. Even though the colonel fought bravely alongside his men, he was ultimately killed along with 500 Greek soldiers.[1]


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