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Battle of Jutas
Part of Finnish War
Döbeln vid Jutas - teckning av Albert Edelfelt.jpg
Döbeln at Jutas by Albert Edelfelt
DateSeptember 13, 1808
LocationJutas, south of Nykarleby
Result Swedish victory
 Sweden  Russia
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Sweden.svgGeorg Carl von Döbeln Kosatchoffskij
about 1.500 about 1.500
Casualties and losses
43 of which 16 killed 130

The Battle of Jutas (Fi: Juuttaan taistelu, Sv: Slaget vid Jutas) was fought on September 13, 1808 between Swedish and Russian troops south of Nykarleby in Ostrobothnia, Finland. Before the battle the Swedish army was in retreat after the campaign of the previous summer. The main Swedish force was retreating from Vaasa to Nykarleby. The Russians sent a force to cut off the Swedish retreat. In response the Swedes sent a force under Georg Carl von Döbeln to intercept them. The battle ended in a Swedish victory, but the main Swedish army was beaten in the Battle of Oravais the very next day.

The battle has become legendary due to Johan Ludvig Runeberg's epic poem Döbeln at Jutas.

Coordinates: 63°29′44″N 22°31′29″E / 63.49556°N 22.52472°E / 63.49556; 22.52472

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