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Battle of Jammu
Date22 January 1712
Result Mughal victory[1]
Punjab flag.svg Khalsa Flag of the Mughal Empire.png Mughal Empire
Commanders and leaders
Punjab flag.svg Bhag Singh Flag of the Mughal Empire.png Zakariya Khan Bahadur

The Battle of Jammu was a surprise attack launched by Mughal General Zakariya Khan Bahadur against the Sikhs who were under the leadership of Bhag Singh. The Sikhs were pursued all the way north to Jammu by the Mughal forces. At Jammu, the Sikhs were met by Jammu King Raja Dhruv Dev (1707-1733), whose father Raja Gaje Singh (1692-1707) accepted Mughal suzerainty during Aurangzeb's reign. The Sikhs were surrounded and killed by the combined Mughal and Jammu Rajput forces. Their leader Bhag Singh was then captured and executed by Zakariya Khan Bahadur.


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