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Battle of Inō
LocationOwari Province
Result Nobunaga victory
forces of Oda Nobunaga forces of Oda Nobuyuki
Commanders and leaders
Oda Nobunaga Oda Nobuyuki
Shibata Katsuie
Hayashi Hidesada

The Battle of Inō was a battle fought during the Sengoku period (16th century) of Japan. The battle was fought between two forces of the Oda clan, the head of the clan Oda Nobunaga and his brother Oda Nobuyuki, who with the support of Shibata Katsuie and Hayashi Hidesada, rebelled against Nobunaga. The three conspirators were defeated at the Battle of Inō, but they were pardoned after the intervention of Tsuchida Gozen, the birth mother of both Nobunaga and Nobuyuki. The next year, however, Nobuyuki again planned to rebel. When Nobunaga was informed of this by Shibata Katsuie, he faked illness to get close to Nobuyuki and assassinated him in Kiyosu Castle.

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