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Battle of Horodok
Part of Russo-Polish War (1654–1667)
Date29 September 1655
LocationHorodok, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
Result Russo-Ukrainian victory
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Russian Tsardom
Zaporozhian Cossacks
Commanders and leaders
Stanisław "Rewera" Potocki Vasily Sheremetev
Bohdan Khmelnytsky

The battle of Gródek Jagielloński or battle of Horodok took place during the Russo-Polish War (1654–1667) on 29 September 1655. Russian and Ukrainian Cossack forces under Vasily Borisovich Sheremetev and Bohdan Khmelnytsky engaged a much smaller[citation needed] Polish–Lithuanian army under Stanisław "Rewera" Potocki near Gródek Jagielloński (now Horodok, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine).

The Polish forces were defeated and forced to retreat, losing their supplies to the Russians. The Russians advanced, besieging Lviv, and Potocki with the remains of his army was soon forced to surrender to the invading Swedes.


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