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Battle of Honnecourt
Part of the Thirty Years' War
Beleg van 's-Hertogenbosch 1629 (Pieter Snayers).jpeg
The tercio system depicted in The Siege of Bois-le-duc, by Pieter Snayers. Oil on canvas.
DateMay 26, 1642
LocationHonnecourt-sur-Escaut, Flanders (present-day Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France)
Result Spanish victory
 Kingdom of France  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of France Antoine III de Gramont, Maréchal de Guiche Spain Francisco de Melo
7,000 infantry
3,000 cavalry
10 guns
13,000 infantry
6,000 cavalry
20 guns
Casualties and losses
3,700 dead or wounded
3,400 captured
500 dead or wounded

The Battle of Honnecourt was a battle of the Thirty Years' War fought on May 26, 1642. The Spanish, led by Francisco de Melo, were victorious over the French under Antoine III de Gramont, Comte de Guiche.

In this battle the French Champagne army was all but annihilated. It lost three quarters of its men against a force double its size. 3200 men were killed and 3400 captured, including army commander Josias Rantzau, leaving Northern France wide open for the Spanish army. But the Spanish victory was not exploited because Francisco de Melo decided to be too careful.

One year later De Melo lost the historic Battle of Rocroi, making this Battle of Honnecourt a footnote in history.

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