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Battle of Hogland (1713)
Part of Great Northern War
Battle of Hogland, 1713
Battle of Hogland, 1713
Date10–11 July 1713
LocationGulf of Finland, 50 km south of Porvoo
59°59′10″N 25°35′56″E / 59.986°N 25.599°E / 59.986; 25.599Coordinates: 59°59′10″N 25°35′56″E / 59.986°N 25.599°E / 59.986; 25.599
  • Indecisive
  • Tactical Swedish victory
 Swedish Navy  Imperial Russian Navy
Commanders and leaders
Commander Carl Raab Admiral Cornelius Cruys
3 ships of the line[1]
  • 11 larger ships
  • 2 brigs[1]
Casualties and losses
minor crew losses[2] 1 ship of the line[2]

The Action of 22 July 1713 was a naval battle between Sweden and the Tsardom of Russia which took place on 22 July 1713 near the shallows of Kalbådagrund. It was an indecisive engagement, part of the Great Northern War.

Ships involved


  • Verden 54 guns
  • Osel 50 guns
  • Estland 48 guns


  • Poltava 54 guns
  • Pernov 50 guns
  • Randolf 50 guns
  • Riga 50 guns
  • Sv. Antonii 50 guns
  • Vyborg 50 guns
  • Esperans 44 guns
  • Sv. Pavel 32 guns
  • Sv. Petr 32 guns
  • Samson 32 guns
  • Shtandart 28 guns
  • 2 brigs


Small Swedish squadron led by Commander Carl Raab consisting of three ships of the line encountered on 10 July 1713 much larger Russian squadron near Gogland who gave chase to the Swedes withdrawing towards west.[1]


Early on the 11 July faster Russian ships had gained the Swedish squadron and reached firing distance. Intense fight took place near Kalbådagrund and Yttre Hällkallan shallows. During the fight Raab's flagship Ösel run aground but could swiftly detach itself and rejoin the fight. Three Russian ships following also run aground, one of them so badly that it could not be pulled free and had to be torched. Swedish ships had suffered only superficial damage and withdraw to Helsinki while Russian squadron lost 50 gun ship of the line Viborg.[2]


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