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Battle of Hořice
Part of the Hussite Wars
DateApril 27, 1423
Result Decisive Taborite victory
Taborites Utraquists
Commanders and leaders
Jan Žižka Čeněk von Wartenberg
3,000 soldiers, 120 war wagons Over 3,000 cavalry with some wagons and cannon
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Hořice (German name: Horschitz) was fought on April 27, 1423 between the Taborite and Utraquist factions of the Hussites. The Hussites were led by Jan Žižka, while the Utraquists were led by Čeněk of Wartenberg. The Taborites eventually won this battle, which ended the Hussite Civil War. Throughout the Hussite Wars, there were many different factions of Hussites. The only thing keeping them allied against the Crusaders was a common and more threatening enemy to fight. Once they could not see any Germans around, the various factions of Hussites would fight each other.

The Taborites took the high ground and built their Wagenburg (wagon fort) there. The Utraquist cavalry could not ride up such a steep hill and was forced to dismount. The cannons owned by the nobles could not fire effectively uphill. These circumstances made it a battle between infantry behind fortifications and heavily armored infantry in the field. Žižka's men held the Wagenburg against repeated attacks by dismounted cavalry. Then, Žižka decided that the time was right to counterattack. With some cavalry, the Hussites charged downhill and swept the Utraquists from the battlefield.


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