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Battle of Herat
Part of Nader's Campaigns
Area of Herat in 2009.jpg
The countryside of Herat today
DateJuly, 1729
LocationHerat, Afghanistan
Result Decisive Persian victory
Safavid Loyalists File:Flag of the Abdali Afghan Tribes.jpeg Abdali Afghans
Commanders and leaders
Nader Allahyar Khan
Unknown, comparable to the Abdali
Casualties and losses
Moderate heavy

After the succession of setbacks the Abdalis of Herat had faced in the campaign Allahyar Khan decided to sully out for a last engagement to decide the issue. Unfortunately yet again the charge of the Afghan horsemen was broken up by the disciplined fire of the Persian line musketeers and flank attacks by the supporting Persian cavalry. Allahyar Khan was left no choice but to withdraw his battered army behind the walls of Herat in the hopes of withstanding the coming siege. An intense bombardment of the city ensued with heavy cannon and mortars battering the city's defences. After consulting with his advisers Allahyar Khan was convinced of the futility of further resistance. Peace terms were offered and the Abdalis agreed to sear fealty to Tahmasp II as the rightful ruler of Persia and Herat. Thus the Abdalis were brought under Persian suzerainty.

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