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Battle of Hennersdorf
Part of the War of the Austrian Succession
DateNovember 23, 1745
LocationHennersdorf, Silesia (Prussia, present-day Poland)
Result Prussian victory
Kingdom of Prussia Prussia Electorate of Saxony Saxony
Commanders and leaders
Frederick II
General Zieten
Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine
General Buchner
20 squadrons of hussars
10 squadrons of cuirassiers
6 squadrons of cuirassiers
2 infantry battalions
Casualties and losses
? 2000[1] including 1,000 prisoners[2]

The Battle of Hennersdorf, sometimes referred to as Catholic-Hennersdorf, was a minor encounter that took place on November 23, 1745 in Katholisch-Hennersdorf in Silesia (Prussia, present-day Poland) during the War of the Austrian Succession. The Prussians under Frederick II defeated the Austrians under Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine. The Prussians surprised the Austrians and Saxons in their cantonments in Lusatia with the most success at Hennersdorf. There a force of two regiments of hussars and two regiments of cuirassiers under Zieten attacked a small force of two battalions of Saxon infantry and three regiments of Saxon cavalry. The Saxons, after making a desperate stand, were overwhelmed by the arrival of additional Prussian cavalry, infantry and artillery.


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