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Battle of Hegyes
Part of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848
Date14 July 1849
LocationHegyes, Bács-Bodrog County, Kingdom of Hungary
Result Hungarian victory

Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Austrian Empire

Flag of Croatia-Slavonia with CoA.svg Croatia
Hungary Hungary
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Croatia-Slavonia with CoA.svg Josip Jelačić Flag of Hungarian Revolution of 1848.png Richard Debaufre Guyon
Flag of Hungarian Revolution of 1848.png Mór Perczel
c. 20,000–21,000 men
79 cannon
15,000 men
62 cannon
Casualties and losses
684 men 226 men

The Battle of Hegyes (now Mali Iđoš, Vojvodina, Serbia)[1] was a battle in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, fought from 11 to 15 July 1849 between the Hungarian Revolutionary Army under the command of Richard Guyon and the Habsburg Corps under General Josip Jelačić in alliance with the Croatian and Serbian army. The battle was won by the Hungarians; it was the last Hungarian victory of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848.[2]



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