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Battle of Haeju
Part of the Korean War
DateSeptember 10, 1950
Locationoff Haeju Bay, Korea, Yellow Sea
Result South Korean victory
Naval Jack of South Korea.svg South Korean Navy Flag of the Korean People's Navy.svg North Korean Navy
1 patrol boat 1 minelayer
Casualties and losses
none unknown human casualties,
1 minelayer sunk

The Battle of Haeju was a small naval battle during the main phase of Korean War.

Off Haeju Bay in the Yellow Sea, on September 10, 1950, days before the Battle of Inchon, South Korean Navy patrol boat PC-703 encountered a North Korean Navy minelayer sailing vessel. After a brief fight, the North Korean minelayer was sunk with a loss of all crew and no South Korean casualties were reported.

After the minelayer's sinking, PC-703 discovered that the sunken vessel had laid a mine field at the mouth of the Haeju Man and then reported to base the location of the sea mines. Two days later on September 12, PC-703 encountered three small transports and sank them. The three supply vessels were most likely unarmed.

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