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Battle of Guruslău
Part of Long War (Ottoman wars)
Hans von Aachen 013.jpg
Center: Discordia, holding some of the 110 flags captured by Michael and Basta (left: Moldavia, right: Odorhei, center: Báthory's flag). Right: Transylvanian prisoners sitting under a round shield with Transylvanian symbols: a hand, a bird, a donkey, a sheep. Left: Diana, holding a spear with the imperial twin-headed eagle, under the Capricorn, emperor Rudolph IInd's astrological sign. By Hans von Aachen, 1603–1604
Date3 August 1601
LocationGuruslău (Goroszló), Principality of Transylvania (today Guruslău, Hereclean, Romania)
47°15′N 23°01′E / 47.25°N 23.017°E / 47.25; 23.017Coordinates: 47°15′N 23°01′E / 47.25°N 23.017°E / 47.25; 23.017
Result Austrian-Wallachian victory, Transylvania is taken out from the Ottoman suzerainty

Stema TR.png Wallachia
Coat of arms of Moldavia.svg Moldavia
Dubbele Adelaar door Strohl.jpg Habsburg Empire

Flag of the Cossack Hetmanat.svg Cossacks
Coat of arms of Transylvania.svg Principality of Transylvania
Commanders and leaders
Michael the Brave
Giorgio Basta
Sigismund Báthory

The Battle of Guruslău (in Hungarian language: Goroszló; Battle of Goroszló) was fought on 3 August 1601, between the troops of the Habsburg Empire led by Giorgio Basta, the Cossacks and Wallachia led by Michael the Brave on one side and the Transylvanian troops led by Sigismund Báthory on the other side. It was part of a series of military encounters developed between the Ottoman Empire and opposing European states during 1591–1606 (see also The Long War).


Michael asked for assistance from emperor Rudolf II during a visit in Prague between 23 February and 5 March 1601, which was granted when the emperor heard that General Giorgio Basta had lost control of Transylvania to the Transylvanian Hungarian nobility led by Sigismund Báthory, who accepted the Ottoman Empire protection. Meanwhile, forces loyal to Michael in Wallachia led by his son, Nicolae Pătraşcu, drove out Simion Movilă from Moldavia and prepared to re-enter Transylvania.[1]


The battle was carried out by two armies, those of Michael the Brave (Wallachians and Cossacks) together with Giorgio Basta, on one side and those of Sigismund Báthory on the other side. The battle happened between nine and seven o'clock on 3 August 1601. The Battle of Guruslău took place in the Guruslău River plain.[2]


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