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Battle of Good's Farm
Part of Jackson's Valley Campaign, American Civil War
DateJune 6, 1862
LocationNear Harrisonburg, Virginia
Result Confederate victory
United States United States Confederate States of America Confederacy
Commanders and leaders
- Turner Ashby
1st New Jersey Cavalry
13th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry

Rear Guard of Jackson's Army (Steuart's Brigade) 44th Virginia Infantry; 58th Virginia Infantry; 1st Maryland Infantry, CSA;

one Louisiana infantry regiment
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Battle of Good's Farm was a short skirmish between the Confederates and the Union in Jackson's Valley Campaign in the American Civil War. After a short fight, Confederate cavalryman Turner Ashby was killed.

As Stonewall Jackson's army withdrew from the pressure of Maj. Gen. John C. Frémont's superior forces, moving from Harrisonburg toward Port Republic, Colonel Turner Ashby commanded the rear guard. On June 6, 1862, near Harrisonburg, the 1st New Jersey Cavalry attacked Ashby's position at Good's Farm. Although Ashby defeated the cavalry attack, a subsequent infantry engagement resulted in his horse being shot and Ashby charging ahead on foot.[1] Within a few steps, he was shot through the heart, killing him instantly.[2] (The origin of the fatal shot has been lost to history. Soldiers of the 13th Pennsylvania Reserve Infantry, the "Bucktails", claimed credit, but some accounts blame friendly fire.) His last words were "Forward my brave men!" He had been promoted to brigadier general just ten days before his death.

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