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Battle of Geyve
Geyve Çatışması
Part of Turkish War of Independence
Date15–17 May 1920
LocationGeyve, Ottoman Empire

Decisive Kuva-yi Milliye victory

  • Kuva-yi Inzibatiye forced to retreat to Adapazarı
  • Eventual dissolution of the Kuva-yi Inzibatiye
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Supported by:
 United Kingdom
Grand National Assembly
Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Ahmet Anzavur Ali Fuat Pasha
3 infantry regiments (4,000 men) 1 Corps

The Battle of Geyve was a small but decisive engagement fought during the Turkish War of Independence. It was different from other battles of the war as forces of the Grand National Assembly directly fought forces of the Constantinople government, which was under Allied occupation.[1]


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