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Battle of Gerontas
Part of the Greek War of Independence
DateAugust 29, 1824
LocationSoutheast Aegean
Result Greek victory
Greece First Hellenic Republic  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Admiral Andreas Miaoulis Husrev Pasha
75 vessels 100 warships, 300 cargo vessels
Casualties and losses
Unknown 1 frigate, Tunisian admiral captured

The Battle of Gerontas (Greek: Ναυμαχία του Γέροντα) was a naval battle fought close to the island of Leros in the southeast Aegean Sea. On August 29 (julian calendar), 1824, a Greek fleet of 75 ships defeated an Ottoman armada of 100 ships contributed to by Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria.[1][2]

The Battle of Gerontas was one of the most decisive naval engagements of the Greek War of Independence and secured the island of Samos under Greek control.


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