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Battle of Gallipoli (1312)
Part of the Byzantine-Turkish Wars
LocationGallipoli, Byzantine Empire, now modern day Turkey
Result Decisive Byzantine victory
Turcopoles  Byzantine Empire
Serbian Kingdom
Republic of Genoa
Commanders and leaders
Halil Pasa Unknown
under 2000[1] unknown Byzantine troops
2000 Cuman or Serbian cavalry[1]
Genoese fleet[2]
Casualties and losses
heavy,[1] few survivors,[3] Halil Pasha dead Unknown

The Battle of Gallipoli was fought in 1312, between the Byzantine Empire, Serbian Kingdom and Republic of Genoa against Turcopoles led by Halil Pasha. For two years, Thrace was occupied by Halil Pasha. Meanwhile, the local inhabitants could not cultivate their lands, since the Turcopoles were looting and pillaging the countryside. The Byzantine emperor, Michael IX, raised an army and confined the Turcopoles to the Gallipoli peninsula. He was aided by troops sent by Serbian King Stefan Uroš II Milutin numbering some 2000 Cumans or Serbs,[3] while the Genoese prevented the Turcopoles from escaping by sea. Halil himself and the Turcopoles were massacred. Few of the Turcopoles returned to Byzantine service.[3]


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