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Battle of Göteborg
Part of the Great Northern War
Danskarna beskjuter Nya Älvsborg
Fire exchange between Danish ships and the Älvsborg fortress
DateMay 2–3, 1717 (O.S.)
May 13–14, 1717 (N.S.)
LocationGöteborg, Sweden
Result Swedish victory
Naval Ensign of Sweden.svg Swedish Empire Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark-Norway
Commanders and leaders
Olof Strömstierna Peter Tordenskjold
6 frigates and several smaller ships
1,600–2,000 men with 400 guns, most on land
2 ships of the line,
2 prams,
9 galleys and 83 smaller ships
4,000 men with 340 guns
Casualties and losses
9 dead 2 galleys
1 pram
52 dead
119 wounded

The Battle of Göteborg was a Danish attempt to destroy the Swedish squadron in Göteborg, which was led by Olof Strömstierna. The Danes were led by the famous Peter Tordenskjold. The Swedish land defense was led by Fredrik of Hessen, and it consisted of the land batteries Billingen and Rya Nabbe with 12 guns each, and the Älvsborg fortress, who had 400 soldiers with 90 guns. The Danish attack was intended as a surprise attack but failed, after the Swedes opened fire at them after they passed Älvsborg fortress. The bombardment was led as a cross-fire from the fortress and the Swedish ships - which went across the river - against Tordenskjold and his soldiers. After 5 hours of fighting, the Danes retreated after losing several ships.


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