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Battle of Focşani
Part of Russo–Turkish War of 1787–1792
DateJuly 21, 1789
LocationFocşani, Romania
Result Austro-Russian victory.
 Russian Empire
 Habsburg Monarchy
 Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Russian Empire Alexander Suvorov
Habsburg Monarchy Prince Josias of Coburg
Ottoman Empire Koca Yusuf Pasha
25,000 30,000
Casualties and losses
400 killed and wounded 1,600 killed, 12 guns

Battle of Focsani

The Battle of Focşani (also Battle of Fokschani or Battle of Focsani; Hungarian Foksányi csata) was a battle in the Russo–Turkish War of 1787–1792 fought on July 21, 1789, between the Ottoman Empire and the alliance of the Russian Empire and the Habsburg Monarchy near Focşani, Moldavia (now in Romania). The Russians were led by Alexander Suvorov, the Austrians by Prince Josias of Coburg, and the Ottomans by Grand Vizier Koca Yusuf Pasha. Austrian army numbered 18,000 men, with Hungarian infantry and some cavalry forces, while the Russian one had 7,000 soldiers. The Ottoman mustered ca. 30,000 soldiers. The allies stormed the Ottoman entrenched camp with a huge army, and drove out the Ottomans with a loss of 2,000.


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