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Battle of Fehrbellin
Part of the Pomeranian War (Seven Years' War)
DateSeptember 28, 1758
Locationnear Fehrbellin, Germany
Result Swedish victory
 Sweden  Prussia
Commanders and leaders
Carl Constantin De Carnall Carl Heinrich von Wedel
reinforcements on arrival
Casualties and losses
500 killed, wounded and captured 600 killed, wounded and captured

The Battle of Fehrbellin was a battle at Fehrbellin of the Seven Years' War between Swedish and Prussian forces fought on September 28, 1758.

The Prussian forces under General Carl Heinrich von Wedel were attempting to stop the Swedish offensive into Brandenburg. The Swedish forces held the town, with one gun at each of the three gates.

The Prussians arrived first and managed to break through at the western (Mühlenthor) gate, driving the outnumbered Swedes in disarray through the streets. However, reinforcements arrived, and the Prussians, who had failed to burn the bridge, were forced to retreat.


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