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The Battle of Farmington, Mississippi was fought on May 9, 1862 in Farmington, Mississippi during the Siege of Corinth.[1] General Braxton Bragg of the Confederate States Army (CSA) had 25,000 men. The Union Army had 12,000 troops on hand. The CSA had 9 casualties. The Union Army had 16 killed and 148 wounded.[2]

The 8th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment was ordered to draw the enemy out as to count their numbers and they withdrew to a swamp north of town. Wisconsin 8th reported 5 killed, 14 severely wounded, and 19 slightly wounded. Old Abe the Screaming Eagle accompanied the Wisconsin 8th Infantry.

There had been a previous battle at Farmington 6 days before, on May 3, 1862.[2]

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