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Battle of Faesulae
Part of the Roman-Germanic wars
Date406 CE
LocationFiesole, modern  Italy
Result Roman victory
Roman Empire Goths
Commanders and leaders
Flavius Stilicho
Sarus the Goth
Uldin the Hun
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Battle of Faesulae was fought in 406 CE as part of the Gothic invasion of the Western Roman Empire. After General Flavius Stilicho repelled the Visigoths at Pollentia and Verona, he encountered a new incursion of Vandals and Goths led by Radagaisus whose forces attacked Florence. Stilicho ultimately defeated the invaders at Faesulae (modern Fiesole) with support from Uldin the Hun and Sarus the Goth. Radagaisus was executed after the battle and survivors of his armies fled to Alaric.[1][2]


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