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Battle of Erzurum
Part of the Ottoman–Persian War (1821–1823)
LocationErzurum, Turkey
Result Persian victory[1]
Turkey Ottoman Empire Flag of Agha Mohammad Khan.svg Persian Empire
Commanders and leaders
? Abbas Mirza
50,000 soldiers 30,000 soldiers

The Battle of Erzurum occurred in 1821 as part of the Ottoman-Persian War of 1821-1823. The Persians were heavily outnumbered with 30,000 men, led by Crown Prince Abbas Mirza, against the Turks with 50,000 men. However, the Persian army had recently been modernised under the leadership of Abbas Mirza's brother Dowlatshah as part of the modernising policy known as Nezām-e Jadīd.

Abbas Mirza's forces successfully beat back the attacks of the Ottoman army, securing a Persian victory.


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