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Battle of Erbach
Part of War of the Second Coalition
DateMay 15, 1800
LocationErbach an der Donau, Germany
Result French victory. Heavy casualties on both sides.
France French Consulate Habsburg MonarchyHabsburg Austria
Commanders and leaders
Sainte-Suzanne Baron Pál Kray
15,000 soldiers 36,000 soldiers (including 12,000 cavalry)

The Battle of Erbach was a battle of the French Revolutionary Wars fought on May 15, 1800. The forces of the French Consulate, led by Sainte-Suzanne. The Austrian forces were led by Baron Pál Kray. The French had 15,000 soldiers, while the Austrians had 36,000 soldiers, including 12,000 cavalry. The Austrians attacked vigorously but could not rout the French forces. The French hold to their main positions for 12 hours, until the approach of St Cyr's corps forced the Austrians to retire. Both sides suffered heavy casualties.


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